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Gounod's Backstory.

  • European Beginnings

    Gounod's father Dionys Heberling was born in #### ####, becoming a popular musician in the 1880s with his Hungarian Orchestra. At some point he became a favorite musician for Queen Maria of Romania. The queen honored him by changing his family name to de Romandy, or "violinist of the gypsies."

  • A California Story

    In 1893 Romandy came to the U.S. with his his band of musicians. Romandy's Hungarian Band entertained at the famous theaters of the time, traveling throughout the west and California from San Fracisco to San Diego.

  • Born in California

    It was in the momentous year of 1893 that Romandy's gypsies played the Edgewater Inn, Colorado Springs, Colorado, performed at the World's Fair in Chicago, and finally settled down for a three-month gig at the Del Coronado Hotel in San Diego. It was here at the hotel where Gounod Romandy was born in the summer of 1893.

  • From Graumann's to Disney - An Artist's Life

    A prodigy violinist at the age of six, Gounod took up painting in the 1920's with teacher J. Bond Francisco. Along with leading orchestra's at Los Angeles' theaters, Gounod traveled California in the 1930's joining the new group of impressionist painters such as Edgar Payne, Paul Grimm, and Jack Wilkinson Smith. Gounod's painting exhibits were often accompianied with the soothing sounds of him on solo violin.

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Museum-grade art from California's Golden Age.

  • Symphony in Paint Giclee Prints

    Sypmphony in Paint is dedicated to sharing Gounod's vibrant vision of early California. Our giclee print process captures each detail to the brush stroke, on museum-grade materials and inks that will not fade or become discolored.

  • Framed Ready to Hang or Unframed

    Giclee prints are available in acid-free museum grade art paper or on canvas with stretcher bars. They are offered in three sizes, each maintaining the original's full color, detail and resolution.

  • From Gounod's Originals to Your Wall

    Gounod’s sudden passing in 1942 left virtually all his paintings in family hands, unseen by the art world until now. We use museum-grade print processes that take a high-resoltion scan of the original painting, recreating every brush stroke and color.

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    Gounod's art comes alive with the giclee process on museum-grade art paper and canvas, framed and matted, or just the print. Gallery Link

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